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Products - Oak Beams
Delivery from 6cbm (200cb.ft) – lead time 8 to 15 working days.
Fresh sawn oak beams:
• Grade A : Sound knots 1/4 side width, traces of sap
• Grade 1 : 10% sap, sound knots and small black knots

Special cuttings
• Tapered posts, jowl posts, cranked ties
• Glazing quality on request for studs and sills
• Length up to 13m
• Planning and machining service on request
Air dried beams, 5 to 10 years old (mc 25-35%):
• Cut to size service
• Section from 4 to 12”, length up to 7m

Air dried slabs
for arch braces and joinery work:
• Delivered as waney edge boards
• Thickness up to 150mm / 6”
Fresh sawn curved slabs, for braces:

• Deviation 50 – 100mm/m
• Sections up to 200x300mm / 8 by 12”
• Large boards for carriage beams or cruck blades
Other miscellaneous products:

• AD or KD PAR oak for banisters, studs, splines
• Oak and chestnut cladding, rough sawn or planed
• Oak cover boards, thickness 1 and 1”½
• Oak flooring and decking boards
• Laminated oak beams and boards
• Oak slabs, kiln dried, for joinery
All of our products are manufactured in North West France. The trees are harvested locally from sustainable well managed woodlands and the products are exported by sea from the near-by cross Channel harbours (Caen, Cherbourg, Dieppe), thus reducing transport impact on the environment.
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