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Cladding boards, dried and machined
Profile (all dimensions in mm) - Length 1.0 - 2.5m

Species Ref
Softwood (Douglas Fir, Larch) CS 105
Hardwood (Oak, Chestnut) CH 105
Note: Wider boards can be manufactured upon request.
Fresh sawn Oak, Featheredge
Profile (all dimensions in mm) - Length 2.0 - 3.5m

Width 150mm 175mm 200mm
Ref CF/E-6 CF/E-7 CF/E-8
Chestnut Shingles (also available in Acacia)
L 330mm – Random width 70 to 120mm - Featheredged from 5 to 15-20mm. Weight 14 to 15 kg/sqm.
Roofing: Fitting with 220mm overlap - 100 to 120 pieces per sqm (minimum pitch 45°).
Cladding: Fitting with 200mm overlap - 90 pieces per sqm.

All of our products are manufactured in North West France. The trees are harvested locally from sustainable well managed woodlands and the products are exported by sea from the near-by cross Channel harbours (Caen, Cherbourg, Dieppe), thus reducing transport impact on the environment.
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