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General Specifications
We propose French timber, harvested in managed forest, from species particularly durable without any treatment.
They are a good alternative to exotic hardwood as they generate less carbon while being transported and are from sustainable source.

All our decking boards are grooved on one side. They are cut and machined after drying to improve the stability and avoid movement and checks.

Robinia/Acacia. Colour: yellow to pale brown, turning red brown outdoor.
Sections in mm Ref
22x80 DA-W1
22x100 DA-W2
22x120 DA-W3
Sweet Chestnut. Colour: yellow - brown, turning grey outdoor.
Sections in mm Ref
22x100 DC-W1
22x120 DC-W2
22x135 DC-W3
Oak. Colour: Yellow-Brown, darkening and turning grey outside. To ensure its stability, we propose the decking boards in 40mm thickness.
Sections in mm Ref
40x110 DO
Hardwood Joists. (acacia or chestnut, planed).
Sections in mm Ref
36x70 DJ1
36x90 DJ2
All of our products are manufactured in North West France. The trees are harvested locally from sustainable well managed woodlands and the products are exported by sea from the near-by cross Channel harbours (Caen, Cherbourg, Dieppe), thus reducing transport impact on the environment.
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