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Waney Edge Boards (boule)
Delivered as kiln dried or air dried slabs, cut through and through, sorted by quality. Indicative Use / Grading match:
QBA (KD) is suitable for cabinet making and contemporary kitchen units where clean and knot free boards are requested. This is our top/prime grade.
QB1 (KD) is typically used for joinery work. There are some knots but clear sections for windows frames and staircase stringers can easily be cut. It is also available air dried for outdoor work (gates, door, garden furniture).
QB2 is a “character” grade and is suitable for rustic joinery and traditional furniture, where the natural characteristics of the wood are particularly appreciated.
Square Edge Boards
Delivered as square edge boards rip sawn from slabs after drying, and available in 3 grades:
Best Side Second Side
No sap, Pin-knots tolerated, No edge knots, 1 small knot 10% side width per board. Sapwood on edges only, Sound knots accepted.
Best Side Second Side
No sap, sound knots < 35mm Sapwood on edges, limited solid black knots tolerated.
Best Side Second Side
No sap, sound knots < 60mm Sapwood on edges, limited solid black knots and heart traces tolerated.
All of our products are manufactured in North West France. The trees are harvested locally from sustainable well managed woodlands and the products are exported by sea from the near-by cross Channel harbours (Caen, Cherbourg, Dieppe), thus reducing transport impact on the environment.
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