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Facts & Data from Granville Bois
You can find here technical and general information on wood, grading rules and sustainability. We have tried to answer to frequently asked question, however feel free to contact us for more information on a particular point.

  1) Grading rules
  Oak Beams: European visual grading (QP scheme).
Download PDF (120kb)*
Note that our grades A and grade 1 are slightly better, we don’t accept wanes on grade 1 and grade A is sapfree.
  Oak Beams: French visual / structural grading (D30/D40).
Download PDF (115kb)
  Oak slabs: European visual grading (QB scheme).
Download PDF (116kb)
  Oak square edge boards: European visual grading (QF scheme).
Download PDF (168kb)*
  2) General technical data
  Characteristic of wood (composition, strength, ageing, drying…).
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  Wood boring beetles.
Download PDF (132kb)*
  3) Environmental and wood processing basics
  Lifecycle of oak timber.
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