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Alongside our range of structural oak beams we propose a machining service. The oak beams can be planed, grooved & chamfered.
Also, we deliver a complete structure ready to assemble, each piece being cut with a CNC machine as per customer’s specifications.

A-Frames, Gazebo, garages, pergolas can be manufactured from standard designs or according to drawings. We will supply a production drawing before cutting the frame.

Right: Square base gazebo, 3.5 x 3.5m.
Posts, tie beams, king post & wall plates: 140x140, Braces & struts: 70x100, Principal rafters: 90x170, Rafters: 55x70mm
We can as well manufacture more complex structures, again from architect’s drawings or even from CAD software outputs. Note that due to the manufacturing process, the braces have to be straight.

Left: Trusses made as per customer’s drawing to match an existing roof for a building extension. The span is 4.2m.
Contact us to get a proposal on your projects. We can issue a budget costing before going through the full CAD and CNC coding process.
All of our products are manufactured in North West France. The trees are harvested locally from sustainable well managed woodlands and the products are exported by sea from the near-by cross Channel harbours (Caen, Cherbourg, Dieppe), thus reducing transport impact on the environment.
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